Christ's Calvary Telugu Church

Telugu Church in Bangalore

We’re so glad that you are checking out our Christs Calvary Telugu church website. Whatever your circumstances, we hope this site will help you to see what we desire to be a community of Telugu speaking people whose lives have been deeply changed by God’s grace and truth. That’s exactly what we want to be transformed people who demonstrate grace and truth! & Today with Grace of God we have Telugu Church in TC Palya , KR Puram people coming from in and surroundings of Bangalore. While the digital age makes it easy to check us out from a distance, a website can’t substitute for face to face interaction. So we hope you’ll visit us soon. We’ll look forward to seeing you!

We preach resurrected Christ & We believe in Bible,But not in denominations.

Watch Christs Calvary Sunday Worship Live@ [email protected]
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